In our ophtalmology clinic; in addition to your routine examinations, surgical operations are carried out with great care by our specialist physician.

When you come across some of the symptoms like; decreased vision, floating and flying objects (black bristle, feather, spotty, stained vision), flashes of light, vision as if looking through a curtain or veil, seeing colored rings around the lights, feeling of pain in the eye and around the eyes, eye against the condition of redness in the skin and in the eyes, edema and watering in the eyes, one or both eyes to come forward, tossing, eye slippage, sensuality, double vision, diabetes, high blood pressure, vascular stiffness disease, kidney disease, any eye disease in the family, you should consult an ophthalmologist.

Cataracts: The operations are performed using FAKO technology.

Strabismus: Its follow-up and surgery is performed by our specialist physician in our operating room.

Eye pressure: In addition to its follow-up, it is treated with laser and surgical operations.

Tear duct obstruction: In addition to follow-up, treatment is also performed with surgical operation.

Pterygium (a motional spot in the eye) , sty (hordeolum), fat laser, visual field and all eye surgeries regarding eye health which are carried out with FFA are applied successfully in our center with corneal topography devices.

SMART LENS (INTRAOCULAR LENS) application is performed in our eye clinic.

  • It is placed in the eye and is for life.
  • It provides far-close-medium distance without glasses.
  • It is applied to cataract patients and people with high glasses number.

Smart intraocular lenses are multifocal intraocular lenses that provide clear vision of near distance (35-40 cm), medium distance (viewing distance from the computer 55-60 cm), far distance (infinite). By means of smart intraocular lenses, which is a treatment named according to the type of lens used in cataract surgeries, patients can reach high quality in seeing near, medium and far distance without using glasses. Lenses, preferred for cataract surgeries for almost 10 years, eliminate patients’ lifelong vision problems.

Smart lenses can be applied to the vast majority of patients with vision problems due to cataracts. In addition, smart lens treatment can be applied to people who are young and do not have cataracts, but has advanced hyperopia or cannot have a laser due to high myopia, who want to get rid of their close glasses at an early age. In addition, people who have previously had laser operations may prefer smart lens treatment if they experience impaired visual quality due to deformation in their intraocular lenses, and cannot see far or near.


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