With our Dental Tomography device in a limited number of locations in Mersin and Panoramic X-Ray device, radiological examinations are performed by our experienced team. Although there is no pain in the process, your image is transferred to CD immediately and your processes are completed without waiting.

Panoramic X-Ray

It is a type of x-ray that enables the detection of discomfort in the jaw and teeth with a single film. With the panoramic x-ray, the planning of the treatment process takes place faster, while the arguments necessary for treatment are determined completely.

Dental Tomography

Dental tomography is a method that helps to obtain a volumetric image with thin sections that provides a clear view of the objects in the desired region by excluding the images out of interest by using X-ray. The main difference with the conventional dental x-ray is that a volumetric tomography can give us a 3D image. This allows for three-dimensional imaging, including length, width and depth, and all teeth, jawbone, and even the airway.

In this regard, dental tomography is of great importance in terms of diagnosing various dental diseases and detailed treatment planning.