As a guarantee of our future, children find health in the arms of their experienced and knowledgeable physicians in the first and only “Baby Friendly Hospital” in Mersin. Our doctors provide the first support for your children to live a healthy life.

Our regular follow-up of our children not only when they are sick but also when they are not ill will reduce the frequency and severity of their illness. As conscious parents, we should not neglect to regularly follow up their growth and development for our children to grow healthy. Do not forget that routine measurements of height, weight and head circumference, nutritional and vitamin supplements should be done according to scientific rules. Please note that missing vaccines should not remain.

Necessary care, incubator and phototherapy services are provided to babies born in our center.

Services provided:

  • Newborn follow-up
  • Growth-Development Tracking
  • Child nutrition
  • Allergy treatment
  • Infectious diseases
  • Infancy vaccines
  • Mandatory childhood vaccinations