We do not give the absolute importance to our feet, that is, the heaviest workers of our body, where we carry all our weight by capturing in the shoes.

Our foot health deteriorates due to bone deformities, metabolic disorder, diabetes (diabetes) disease, circulatory disorders, traffic accidents and other causes that are congenital or advanced. Approximately one out of every five people has problems with their feet. In order to prevent or delay foot problems especially in older ages, we should pay attention to our foot health. Although there are some places in our country that are concerned with foot problems, people with problems do not know exactly where to apply and sometimes face troubles.

The area that deals with foot health and care is known as “podiatry”. It is important to know that podiatry is “preventive”, that is, it is important to take precautions before the foot problem occurs.

Most Common Problems About Foot

  • Foot Pain
  • Callus
  • Diabetic Foot
  • Sweating and Smelling Feet: In the feet that sweat excessively and become stuffy, unpleasant and repulsive odors appear with the effect of bacteria; in most cases, washing only may not be sufficient. The problem can be solved by using proper care products and foot care.
  • Excessive Burning or Cold Feeling in Feet

Common Problems With Heel and Insole

Heel Spur: It is the most common cause of heel pain. It causes pain when standing up and getting out of bed, especially in the morning. In cases such as sole collapse, too much standing, moving from a sedentary lifestyle to a lively life, there is an appearance of ossification and thorn due to irritation in the heel. The use of a heel pad or suitable insoles is comforting.

Cracked Heel: It depends on the drying of the skin and is common. If the crack deepens, pain, bleeding and inflammation may occur. It may be useful to use a moisturizer and, if necessary, suitable insoles.

Common Discomfort with Nails

Nails are the main feature that reflects the cleanliness and health of people. In order to improve their appearance and maintain their health, attention should be paid to overall body health and nutrition. In addition, external care should not be neglected. If nail care is not cared for, many nail diseases can develop, and cosmetically disturbing results (such as shape and color distortion) may occur. Dermatologists see many patients who apply for nail problems every day and seek solutions.

  • Mushroom Nail
  • Ingrown Nail
  • Thickened Nail

General Foot Care

Active and productive life depends on foot health. Caring for the feet and taking care of them correctly and periodically contributes to the improvement of the quality of life. In the dry system, the process is applied without putting the foot in water. Correct nail cutting is done, skin thickening and calluses are cleaned, thickened nails are thinned, nail channels are cleaned and necessary supports are placed. Details are important in quality of life. Healthy feet are an important part of quality life. The foot health and care that podiatry is interested in is not luxury, it is a requirement.

Callus Treatment

It often occurs as a result of not using suitable shoes or sole deformation. In fact, callus, which is the defense tool of the body, gradually becomes an element of discomfort. Treatment is both removal of callus and removal of friction or pressure on the foot. At this stage, it is important to choose suitable shoes or insoles. Depending on the source of the problem, there may be calluses that can be corrected with one or more treatments, or that require maintenance for life. Regular maintenance is required to achieve good results.

It is not suitable to use callus tape; may cause irritation and wound on the skin due to its acid content. The correct thing is that the callus is taken by the foot care professional.

Ingrown Nail Treatment

It is a problem encountered in a very large part of the society. It may ocur by false nail cutting, congenital turned nail structure, shoes and when someone accidentally stepped on. Ingrown nail should be treated immediately, the sinking part should be taken by the expert. It is tried to provide prolongation without sinking by intervening in the nail canal with appropriate methods in the wrecks that repeat very often. Total pulling of the sinking nail is usually a temporary solution. The probability of sinking is high in the process of nail elongation. Due to the damage of the nail bed during pulling, the newly growing nail may be thicker and prone to sink than before. Therefore, it is more convenient to try other methods before pulling. There are features to be considered in the nail cutting. Nails should be cut straight in line with their natural line; cutting the corners can lead to the wreck, it must be filed round.

The nails should not be cut from the bottom, some part of nail should be left at the tip. The bottom of nails should not be cleaned with sharp and pointed objects that can spoil the bed, it is more convenient to use a nail brush. Nails, like the skin of the feet, need to be moistened and softened.

Fungal Nail Treatment

Fungal disease of the nail, usually begins on the foot, rarely begins on one or both nails of the hand; then it can spread to all nails. When untreated, it can spread to other parts of the body and infect other members of the family. Fungal infection in the toenail that is not treated can cause permanent lymph edema in the legs. Sometimes it can cause more serious infections due to bacteria, requiring hospitalization.

Diabetes Foot Care

The diabetic foot chart is a condition that occurs over time in most diabetic patients. First of all, the feet become numb (neuropathy) and wound formation may not be noticed by the patient. Also, capillary narrowing in the following periods makes wound healing difficult. Over time, results may occur, ranging from cutting the foot. Therefore, foot care is of special importance in diabetics.

Walking Analysis

Foot morphology: Infrared can be performed using an advanced technology scanner (Podoscanalyser). Accordingly, custom insoles are produced.

Foot Care Products

In order to increase the comfort of the feet, foot care products and pressure relievers and correctors can be used to solve small foot problems immediately.

Our Foot Health Unit is opened to serve in foot health and care. All services provided are diagnosed and treated in the most appropriate sterile environment and of any foot problems.

  • In our center;
  • Foot Care for Athletes
  • Child Foot Health
  • Foot Care in Pregnancy
  • Wart treatments are also applied.